Let’s Write a YA Novel – Part 3 (How To Be An Overnight Success)

I’d be willing to take a fairly strong stance on the issue of the ‘overnight success’ and bet that there’s no such thing. Well, maybe that’s going too far – I’ll concede that a writer could become an overnight success in the following circumstances:

  • They’re so unbelievably, superlatively gifted that they go from having no writing experience to turning out a stellar manuscript in the space of a year. (AKA ‘The Unicorn’)
  • They have the kinds of connections that can transmute an unpublishable first-effort turd into a bestseller after a lot of effort by other, more talented people. (AKA ‘The Paolini’)
  • They’re already famous in some other field and could get their shopping list published as long as it had their name attached to it. (AKA ‘The Morrissey’)

You probably don’t fall into one of those categories. Hell, you probably don’t even want to. But you’re just starting out, damn it, and you want to get published! What’s the solution?

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